Vorici Chromatic Calculator

Desired Colors

Craft Type Success Chance Average Attempts
Cost per Try
(in chromatics)
Average Cost
(in chromatics)
Std. Deviation
(of attempts)

Note: Chromatic orbs cannot reroll the same color permutation twice, so the chromatic success chance is always higher than the drop rate.
Made by Siveran. Last updated Sep 2, 2016.
Thanks to MantisPrayingMantis and /r/pathofexile for help and suggestions.
The formula for color chance comes from Lawphill's calculator.
If an item has a single stat requirement, 32 is added to it for purposes of determining color.
X = 22 is used, based on 6657 items + 232 chromatic orbs worth of data.
The formula and color chances given are not guaranteed to be right.
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